Social media.

We know how it works and how your customers
live + breathe it so let us start the conversation.

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So Social It Hurts
is a team of young women
with backgrounds in:


We also have a history of
wild ideas + big ambitions.

(No, this does not involve running lucrative
lemonade stands as five year olds).

We’ve been fortunate to grow up in the

We feel right at home on a multi-touch screen + connecting via social media comes as second nature.

We are never disconnected.

We can share with your community any time of the day from anywhere in the world. We connect, inform + entertain

(and know when your audience is listening).

Here’s how we do it

So Social It Hurts is your handle on social media. Social media doesn't shut down on the weekend and neither do we. We're always there responding. We do this for businesses both large and small.

We know Social moves fast. We stay up with social media shifts and use the momentum to shift ever-so-slightly ahead of them + make sure your business does too.

We recognise the impact social media can have on your business and use it where we can as an extension of what you do every day to further connect you with your community of customers. We get to know you + just as importantly, we get to know your community.

Social Moves Fast

We act in your best interest. We develop relationships with our clients + every social platform we operate is specifically tailored to your brand voice, values + tangible strategic objectives.

Bees + Honey

We’re adaptable!

Whether you need consistent social media management, a social media set-up or advice on existing social media (overall guidance, input and thoughts on current social media marketing and strategies), we’re only too happy to start the conversation.

Bees + Honey

why do you need it?

Number 1

No. 1

Activity on the internet



Instagram photos shared / second

90 Percent


Of consumers trust peer recommendations

75 Percent


Of people will share their online discoveries


Consumers are more likely to search for goods/serviceson social media rather than online


Understanding Social Media

Believe the hype.

Social Media has redefined how people connect and communicate. Your reach is now anyone with access to the internet. But, let's back it up a little; what exactly defines social media? Social media is an online platform or site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds, thoughts, contacts, photos, real-life connections - basically anything you want to post. If you think of this in terms of influence by way to peer-to-peer recommendations, there has never been a better opportunity for businesses to connect with people and broadcast their stories.

We're here

We're Here

Suite 204, 24-30 Springfield Ave
Potts Point NSW 2011

Susie McIntosh – director

0422 262 462